Major Specializations

As per the guidelines and provisions in the syllabus of RTMNU, Nagpur college offers following Specialization:

Group A

  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • HumanResource Management

Group B

  • Service Sector Management
  • Operations Management

As per the guidelines of RTMNU, Nagpur every student has to opt for two specializations from above mentioned specialization. Student can choose any two specializations from Group A or 1 each from Group A& Group B. But student can’t choose two specializations from Group B. Pursuing specialization offers different avenues in career growth.

Group A

As a life blood of organization marketing brings revenue for the organization & hence most of the job opportunities are available with marketing specialized students. Marketing nurtures the interpersonal skills of the students and make them street smart. This specialization opens up various avenues like marketing research, consumer behavior, branding, sales promotion, sales, advertising, digital marketing etc. The students who are result oriented and outspoken are best fit for this course. Getting Certificates from the Courses like Google Adwords, SEO, SMO, SMM will increase the probability of getting selected in best organization.

Finance is the core of the business. Without finance organization can’t succeed. Financial Management is a second most preferred specialization in MBA. This specialization develops the analytical skills of the student wherein students can take the complex decisions related to business. Electing Financial Management as your specialization will provide you avenues like Financial Analyst, Corporate Finance, Audit, Accounts etc. To achieve excellence in finance few courses like NCFM of NISM modules, SAP Finance Modules will support exponentially.

N Narayan Murthy once said ‘My assets are not the building, computers, machinery or the bank balance but my assets everyday come to office in morning and leaves in the evening.’ Carrying forward this definition every organization needs to treat their employees as their assets and to satisfy these assets is the primary motto of the organization. Because even if your plant is automated to start the machine and to maintain we will require manpower. Human Resource Management Provides the insight in manpower management right from recruitment till employee satisfaction. There are fields like HR Gernalist, Industrial HR, Trainer & Development, HR Recruiter etc. There are various courses HR professionals can pursue like SAP Modules in HR, Certificate Course on Labour Laws, Courses in Training etc.

Group B

Due to advancement in technology most of the products are now a days delivered at our home and we need not have to step outside our home. This has given boost to the service sector. Apart from this there are many products which are virtual like banking services, insurance, after sales services etc. which we avail on daily basis. Management of this sector is a upcoming phenomenon which will yield most of the jobs in near future. Opportunities in insurance sector, hotel management, hospital management, medical tourism, tourism sector are available.

Due to advancement of technology everything is available at our doorstep. But to deliver the product extensive delivery network is required. And to manage this Operations Management plays a vital role. Apart from this operations management is vital in manufacturing organization. Logistic and Supply Chain are the future of operations. Courses related to logistics, supply chain and SAP modules in Operations & Logistic will hold the edge over the plain MBA’s.

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